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At Francisco Câmara Climatização, we are experts in the maintenance and installation of all types of HVAC systems for a wide variety of spaces: Offices, Gyms, Clinics, Shops, Restaurants, Kitchens and Hotels.
HVAC Systems Installation
HVAC Systems Maintenance

Maintenance of HVAC Systems

Apart from the installation, we also ensure the maintenance and provide technical support for HVAC systems. At Francisco Câmara Climatização, besides experts in the installation of HVAC systems, we are also experts in providing corrective maintenance (technical support) for all types of HVAC systems.

Electricity - Electrical Cabinets and Generators

We provide technical support and maintenance for Electrical Cabinets and generators.
In this field, we also provide thermography.
We also repair LED technology illuminated signs.
Renewable Energies
The services we provide in the field of renewable energy focus mainly on the installation and maintenance of solar systems designed for water heating: Thermosiphon system - System including a 300 or 500 litre tank with forced circulation.
Solar Systems for Water Heating Installation